Knowledge is experience and expertise combined.

As a native of Los Angeles with extensive real estate experience, John is equipped to provide two of the most important aspects of listing a property:

  1. Correctly setting the list price of your home: The Westside market moves at a very fast pace and having an incorrect listing price a will adversely affect your bottom line. John makes sure all the pertinent information is at your fingertips when making this crucial decision.
  2. Successful Negotiating: It is not uncommon to find that an experienced, skilled agent can produce 2-4% higher sales price than the average agent.  John's experience, preparation and attention to detail provide you with an agent who works diligently to always be negotiating from a position of strength.   


A knowledgeable and honest expert guiding you through the home buying process is indispensable.

Purchasing real estate is a major, complex transaction with many details to be handled.  John understands that purchasing a home is one of the biggest moments in most people’s lives and always puts himself in the shoes of the buyer when representing them.  As a seasoned real estate agent with local knowledge, John can provide you with important advice, transactional experience and pocket listing information not available to the public. He also helps you navigate and make sense of the home buying process, including the sometimes confusing information available concerning market trends, mortgage rates, and closing options.

Your valuable time is maximized upon when working with an agent.

As a society, increased work demands are gradually taking away from the precious free time that is important in our lives. An experienced agent works diligently to make sure you are not wasting time looking at properties that do not fit your criteria or spending countless hours on the internet. 

John’s lifetime of local knowledge and access to both the MLS database and classified agent information allow him to direct you towards properties that fit your needs. As a buyer, you will avoid the stress and wasted time of fruitless hours driving around town or looking up listings on the internet and in the newspaper.   

Working with a real estate agent can save you money.

An agents’ real estate experience, negotiating power, and local knowledge can help ensure you enter into a fair and honest agreement for the purchase of a home that fits your needs for years to come. When an agent works with your best interests in mind, negotiating terms and conditions, it is more likely that you will be satisfied with the arrangement in its entirety. It has been shown that an experienced, motivated and market savvy agent, bargaining effectively, can save a buyer 5% compared to those who are unrepresented.

A real estate professional can protect you and help you avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes.

An agent who is familiar with the residential purchase agreement and escrow process is extremely important when making one of the largest purchases of your life. Unrepresented buyers or those with inexperienced agents are at risk of deals falling through, costing the buyer their deposit and/or the opportunity to own their dream home.

During the initial face to face consult, John walks his clients through the whole process and provides them with a detailed handbook explaining every step of the process.  He preaches patience with his clients and wants them going through the process with their eyes open so they will not be taken advantage.